Chicken Soup for the Skateboarder's Soul

by April Cylwik November 06, 2017

This week as we enter a season of thankfulness and gratitude, we are shifting gears to bring you heartwarming skate stories and poetry from all around the internet. We here at Board Blazers are calling this, “Chicken Soup for the Skateboarder’s Soul.” We hope it makes your day as it does ours!

Our first story comes to us from Calgary, Canada…

Kindness in a Crisis

We’re downtown, on 4th Street right now, and two kids were skateboarding, doing tricks out in front of the Pub’s patio. Suddenly, one of the kids’ skateboards slides out from under him, out onto the busy street. THUMP-CRACK, a dump truck destroys it right in front of the poor kid. He immediately started to cry, as his buddy retrieved the smashed up wooden pieces from the asphalt. Everyone on the patio felt awful for the kid, and someone yelled out, “How much was your board?” Next thing you know, everyone on the patio was pooling their cash to give the boy enough money to go re-purchase his board. We called this boy’s mother to let her know he would be coming home with $225, enough to buy himself a new skateboard. I’ve never seen people come together like that – the boy was so happy and overwhelmed. It was incredible. About a half hour later, the boy and his mother showed up with a box full of popsicles to thank everyone. It only took one skateboarder to bring this whole community together. – Anonymous {story source}. To find out how to help change the world through skateboarding, click here to read about our seasonal Skate2Donate campaign!

A poem about our favorite sport, by Patricia Sawyer...


Sidewalks and skate parks;
Old swimming pools drained.
Kickflips and split lips;
young ankles sprained.
Aerials and Varials
and being called a punk.
Tail taps and grip tape;
and tricks that take spunk.
Exercise that is ramped up;
balance in a curve.
Backflips and Bearings
now don't lose your nerve!
Ollies and wallplants
it's no passing fad.
acid drops and nosestalls
Not just boys being bad!
Ramps under carports
and falling and pain.
Daring and doing tricks
again and again
Inclines; expression
and Five Oh grinds
Nollies and ledges
and friendship that Binds.
Go away Mr. Policemen:
Just let us be.
Skateboarding is not a crime!
So let us Skate free!

Our next story comes to us from Board Blazers' headquarters in Tempe, Arizona...

Will You Love It Forever?

Dad was so stoked for me to buy my first board. I worked hard to save my allowance, birthday money, and the cash I earned from odd jobs, but I knew it wasn’t going to be enough to buy a brand new board. Dad suggested looking on Craigslist for nice boards that were gently used. A few days later I found one that I knew would be perfect for me! We went to pick it up, but I hadn’t thought to check how much it was – I just assumed I had enough to pay for it. When we got there, and I tried the board, I loved it instantly. I went to hand over the money, but the guy selling it informed my dad it was priced at $50, and all I had was $30. I was about to walk away heartbroken when the man selling the board asked me a question,
“Did you raise this money yourself, son?”
“Yeah, I did.”
“Do you promise that if I let you have this board for $30, you’ll skate and love it for as long as you possibly can?”
I couldn’t believe we were walking away with a board that cost almost twice as much as I had, and all the guy wanted was for me to love skating. I’ll never forget how generous he was, and I’ll definitely always keep my first board. – C.G. 8 years old. Need help finding an affordable skateboard? Check here!

Another awesome skateboarding poem, this time from Pene Burkey…


When I go rolling on my skateboard,
I feel the wind blow on my face.
My body glides along in freedom,
And then my foot keeps up the pace.

I must lean just right to make the curve,
Then get my balance back on track.
I look for the chance to do a trick,
I start the turning back.

I catch the air and do a kick-flip,
The board goes round and meets my feet.
I get anxious as I start a trick,
But glad its ended safe and neat.

My board becomes part of my body,
I cannot be whole without it.
What if it breaks and leaves me stranded?
How can I get there? ........I'll just sit!

Lastly, we bring you a skateboarding haiku (If you haven’t tried writing one, you should!)

Perched atop a ramp,
Hop on your skateboard; push off.
Wind kisses your face.

-Cheryl S.

We hope these gave you all the warm and fuzzies for our hands-down favorite sport. Do you have a heartwarming skateboarding tale you want to share with us? We’d love to hear! Reach out to us on Instagram @BoardBlazers and tell us your story!

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